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Does Add Me Fast Traffic Damage Google AdSense Account?

Published 4 Nov, 2022 Modified 4 Nov, 2022 Read in 1m 29s Viewed 823 times

Get to know why AddMeFast traffic is not right for your ads.

Evidence Based

A lot of queries we receive are related to AdSense traffic quality. Add Me Fast is a grey hat website where you can exchange followers, likes, and even traffic. Every time you perform an action like follow someone, like a page, or visit a page, you get some points. You can later use those points to get the same from other users.

Many people use this grey hat trick to drive traffic to AdSense websites. They earn points and then, add their website pages to Add Me Fast account.

The following questions are worth considering before adding your website to Add Me Fast for AdSense:-

  • Does Add Me Fast damage Google AdSense Account?
  • Does Add Me Fast provide real traffic for Google AdSense?
  • Is Add Me Fast safe for Google AdSense?
  • How much earnings you get on Google AdSense from Add Me Fast traffic?
  • Does Google AdSense allow traffic like Add Me Fast?

Add Me Fast traffic is not safe for Google AdSense for the following reasons:-

  • The traffic is real but most of the times user does not even scroll down the page. They visit the page just to get the points. Its like no engagement on the page. If you have adds below the fold then, they are never seen. There is no activity from that traffic.
  • Even if you get thousands of views from Add Me Fast, they simply don’t click on your advertisement. Sometimes, the page is not even loaded fully or the ads are not loaded perfectly yet.
  • The traffic quality is quite poor. The average view rate is too low. The eRPM also decreases which has a direct impact on earnings per ad click.
  • By the time, your Adsense account may get disapproved due to invalid traffic issue.