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Impact of Google BARD AI on Search Traffic to Websites

Published 12 Mar, 2023 Modified 12 Mar, 2023 Read in 1m 6s Viewed 1.226K times

An early opinion on Google's BARD AI in SERP features.

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Google’s new AI language model, BARD (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers Auto-Regressive Decoder), is designed to generate natural language responses to complex search queries.

Note: This feature is currently available to limited users or beta testers only. It is expected that soon BARD will be rolled out to all users to experience real-time results.

While it is still early to determine the full impact of BARD on search results, it is possible that this technology could change the way search results are displayed to users. If BARD is able to provide direct, accurate answers to queries, users may not need to click through to external websites to find the information they are looking for. This could potentially result in a decrease in traffic to other websites.

However, it’s important to note that Google’s primary goal is to provide the best possible search experience for users. If BARD improves the relevance and usefulness of search results, it is likely to be embraced by users, and could potentially even lead to an increase in overall search traffic.

Overall, it’s too early to predict the full impact of BARD on search results and website traffic. However, it is clear that Google will continue to prioritize providing the most relevant and useful information to its users, and will likely adjust its search algorithms and display format accordingly.