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Using ‘Advertisement’ or Similar Term above AdSense Ads

By Digital Setups Published 4 Nov, 2022 Modified 4 Nov, 2022 Viewed 551 times Read in 0m 59s
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Discover if it's right to place 'Advertisement' keyword above Adsense ad units.

Google AdSense program has its strict misleading header policies that all publishers must enforce at their end.

According to Google AdSense program policy, placing ‘Advertisement’ or ‘Advertisement’ or ‘Sponsored Links’ or ‘Sponsored Content’ above Adsense ads is acceptable. However, using misleading headers such as ‘Useful Resources’ or ‘Helpful Links’ or ‘View more resources’ or similar above the Google AdSense ad units are not appropriate and considered a violation of Adsense program policy.

As per AdSense policy, placing ads right below the website heading can be caught as a misleading header. This happens only when the website header or title is inappropriate such as: –

  • “Get started below”
  • “Feel Free to Click”
  • “Contribute us”
  • “Support us by visiting these ads”
  • “Help us with a new server”
  • “Contact us by clicking below”

How to make sure you are not placing your ad under a misleading header?

Please avoid placing ads under actionable headings.

If you are placing ads using automatic paragraph calculation, make sure the element above and below the ad is not a heading. It’s a good practice to place ads within meaningful paragraphs.

Avoid placing ads below headers on company pages such as contact, about, and similar.


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