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SafePay – Payment Gateway in Pakistan

Published 20 Nov, 2022 Modified 22 Nov, 2022 Read in 3m 0s Viewed 1.831K times

Everything you need to know about SafePay or GetSafePay payment gateway in Pakistan.

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SafePay is a funded payment gateway startup backed by Stripe and YCombinator. Among many other digital payment gateways in Pakistan, SafePay offers wallet transactions, direct debit/credit card transactions, and easy invoicing features.

Who owns SafePay

SafePay is founded by Raza Naqvi and Ziyad Parekh. Safepay is backed by YCombinator and Stripe funding.

SafePay Payment Gateway Features

It offers aggregated information dashboard for your incoming and outgoing payments, instant refunds, invoicing, and discount schemes. Following is the full list of features of SafePay digital payment gateway in Pakistan: –

  1. Accept credit/debit card payments digitally – integrate Safepay in your web or mobile via API to accept payments from credit/debit cards
  2. Accept local wallet and bank account payments – you can accept payments from EasyPaisa, direct bank accounts, and more. The support for local banks and other mobile wallets is good.
  3. Invoicing – send invoices to clients, custom design invoices, send to Whatsapp option
  4. Instant Refunds – offers easy refunding options
  5. Hosted Checkout – don’t have a website or no time to integrate? Try its hosted checkout solution.

SafePay Fee Structure for Merchants

SafePay doesn’t charge on monthly or annual basis as a management fee to merchants. Merchants pay the 2.9% + Rs. 30 (excluding tax) on every transaction by their customer.

Getting Started with SafePay – Onboarding

The onboarding process of SafePay is online but challenging. They only accept serious customers. They have additional requirements if you are a non-profit, web hosting or design company, and/or a freelancer drop-shipper.

Merchants are requested to add details about their organization and upload true copies of their business documents for verification. Additionally, there are strict requirements related to complete web presence, transparency, and policies. Upon successful online sign up, merchant gets the sandbox or test payment details and guidance to try SafePay features.

SafePay Integration Options

SafePay integrates well on just any site since it provides flexible integration options to developers. If offers API-based integration for PHP-based, NodeJS-backed, and ReactJS-based online platforms. In addition to the APIs, it offers plugins for Woocommerce, Magento, Shopify, OpenCart, and WHMCS.

Limitations of SafePay Payment Gateway

Besides so many innovative features such as instant refunds, wallet transactions, and easy onboarding, SafePay can process only Visa & Mastercard debit/credit cards. If your business customers are from round the globe, it is likely that they might be using other card vendors such as American Express cards. In addition to this, following are the cons of SafePay payment gateway: –

  • SafePay doesn’t support recurring subscription revenue model.
  • Only PKR currency is supported to accept payments.
  • You can accept a maximum of Rs. 250,000 PKR per transaction.
  • Not all local banks are supported yet.
  • Not sure if it supports 3D Secure cards for renewals or not.

Cons of SafePay Payment Gateway

In addition to SafePay certain limitations, there are a few cons too: –

The developer documentation is not available. It just links to the Github repositories.

Seems like getting started with SafePay as a new merchant in the market or startup is hard.

Some unnecessary expectations from the merchants such as for a dropship service or web design, there is no strict need of getting a PCI compliance certificate, however, using the PCI Complaint payment processing solution is important. When we intend to use SafePay, it should be PCI Complaint, not the merchant. However, they’ve mentioned requirements similar to this for their merchants as if they put everything what was expected from them.