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Facebook Meta for Business Suite Hacked. Can you take it back?

Published 31 Mar, 2023 Modified 3 Apr, 2023 Read in 1m 47s Viewed 6.393K times

Is your Facebook Business Manager account or Meta for Business Suite hacked? Learn more how to handle this situation just like us.

Exclusive Evidence Based Experience Based

Tons of Meta Business Manager accounts are under attack by hackers. The reason behind those hacks is not just gaining access to the business assets under the suite but actually the payment cards linked to the business accounts.

Our personal experience

Recently our own Meta for Business account got hacked. The attacker sent request to his own email from all of our business manager accounts and removed our access to it. This was alarming since we didn’t get any notification of this change of email or approval of new person.

Since we had multiple other emails on the business manage account as ‘Admins’ or ‘Full Managers’, we received removal of email notifications to those emails. The important point to note here is: we didn’t get any email on the main email to approve that new addition of people.

Worst things happen and it happened with us.

As soon as we received a removal email on one of our accounts, we ran into the Facebook Account under which that particular ‘Meta for Business’ account was created. We immediately enabled 2-factor authentication (yeah, our bad! we disabled it earlier on purpose), updated password, and checked the other business manager accounts.

The hacker sent request to his own emails from our other meta business manager accounts too, however, we cancelled those requests. Unfortunately, we lost access to our major Meta for Business account for ‘Digital Setups, Inc’.

Steps we took to recover our hacked meta for business account

Okay. So this part is frustrating.

We almost tried every contact form available via Facebook help center and Meta for Business Help center. All lead to stupid and incomplete workflow to handle our situation.

#1 – Trying Hacked Account Recovery Page Form

Facebook has built a hacked account recovery page for users. We tried it, however, it just lead to updating password and detected no change in Meta for Business manager account. This was definitely surprising.

#2 – Exploring Support Contact Forms

We looked for more options to contact support and guess what! It was all in vain. There is no true support form available on Facebook and Meta to handle hacked Meta for Business accounts.