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Google Ads: Keyword Planner Tool – Easy & Powerful Guide

Published 6 Dec, 2022 Modified 6 Dec, 2022 Read in 1m 37s Viewed 1.686K times

Everything you need to know about Keyword Planner tool in Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) for topic research in SEO & keyword planning in search campaigns.

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Keyword planner is an integrated tool in Google Ads Tool. It helps to search for and save keyword ideas for digital ad campaigns.

The purpose of keyword planner is to ‘actually plan keywords’ for ad campaigns, however, SEO professionals also use it to find keywords to write SEO-optimized content.

Planning for the keywords by searching for keyword ideas is the first step in building any search ad campaign and topic research for writing content.

Google Support has already published handful of technical articles to learn the use of keyword planner, however, we have written this keyword planner tool guide in a simpler, goal-driven, professional-centric, and modular way.

All beginner to expert SEO professionals, webmasters, and entrepreneurs can benefit from this keyword planner tool guide.

  • Sign up with Keyword Planner
  • Access Keyword Planner Tool
  • Features of Keyword Planner Tool
  • Discover New Keywords
  • Get Keyword Forecasts
  • Create a Keyword Plan
  • Save, Download, and Share a Keyword Plan
  • Goal-driven Keyword Planner Guides
    • SEO Topic Research in Keyword Planner
    • Get Expected Traffic on Given Keywords

Getting starting with Keyword Planner

You need a Gmail (free) or Google Workspace account (premium) account to sign up with Google Ads.

By default, it enables the smart mode for new advertisers and hence, requires you to start setting up the campaign right away. If there is no skip or set later button or start with custom campaign/expert mode, just set up a temporary campaign. It is okay to choose random options if you’re new to this tool. Just set it up to have the full dashboard view loaded with features.

It also requires you to add billing details since Google Ads is meant to be for ad campaigns. It doesn’t charge you until you actually run a campaign, however, to verify the good use of account you must add billing details.

Access Keyword Planner Tool in Google Ads

Once you’re signed in to Google Ads, from the top bar on desktop OR