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Woo Express vs. Pressable WooCommerce Hosting

Published 1 May, 2023 Modified 1 May, 2023 Read in 0m 57s Viewed 3.544K times

Quick comparison between Woo Express and Pressable WooCommerce Hosting.

Pressable and Woo Express (powered by infrastructure), both, provide optimized environments for WordPress and WooCommerce, which are characterized by high performance, managed features, security, and updates.

Additionally, both platforms offer expert 24/7 support from WordPress specialists. However, it’s worth noting that Woo Express benefits from additional support provided by WooCommerce staff.

When it comes to hosting a WooCommerce site, the most significant differences between Pressable and Woo Express are found in the set of extensions or bundled eCommerce features they offer. Pressable stands out from the Woo Express with its packages specifically tailored for managing multiple sites.

Woo Express comes with pre-installed suite of the most important and high-performing extensions for eCommerce businesses. On the other hand, Pressable requires you to spend time on deciding which extensions you might need and install them manually.

Woo Express offers a free trial so you can try them out to see if it fits your business.

For some users that might have more experience in the Woo / WordPress ecosystem, the “blank slate” of Pressable is the best option, for others, Woo Express makes more sense.

Alex Kammler, from WooCommerce Marketing Team working on Woo Express