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Take back your business name used by someone on Social Media

Published 8 Nov, 2022 Modified 22 Nov, 2022 Read in 1m 24s Viewed 1.409K times

What to do if someone else is using my business name on Facebook? How I can take it back rightfully? We have the answers below.

Digital social media systems allow everyone to create pages and profiles and hence usernames of their choice. It is likely that someone creates their username or page identity identical to your business name or trading name.

To abide by digital laws, digital social media companies do provide a mechanism to file a trademark infringement report. This is only helpful if you have truly registered your business trademark with your government locally and internationally and have a true trademark certificate. If you are just using a business name even for years without registering a trademark, reporting trademark infringement doesn’t help you to take back your business name from someone.

This trademark infringement reporting guide is applicable for the following social media: –

  • Meta, Facebook, Instagram, Boomerang
  • Youtube, Google My Business
  • Linkedin and other social networks online

Tip: If you’re conducting a business from Pakistan, register your trademark with IPO. You might be also interesting in searching registered trademark in Pakistan.

Before filing trading name misuse report, know what is trademark infringement.

Steps to report business name or trademark infringement to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other networks: –

  • Publish your trademark on your online presence such as website or get a link to official trademark record from global trademark registry (for globally registered trademarks).
  • Keep your trademark registration number from your trademark certificate.
  • For Facebook, file this form for business name infringement.
  • For Twitter, file this form to report account infringing your trademark.
  • For Instagram, file this form to report business trademark infringement.
  • For Linkedin, file their TM-NTMI form to report trademark infringement.
  • For Youtube, fill this form to file a complaint against your trademark breach.
  • For Reddit, fill this form to report trademark infringement.