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Does daily manual or dynamically changing content on page impact SEO?

Published 15 Dec, 2022 Modified 18 Dec, 2022 Read in 0m 54s Viewed 2.199K times

Need to daily update content on a page? Or your content is frequently changed automatically on the page? Know how daily changing dynamically or manually changing content impacts SEO.

Evidence Based Experience Based

Sometimes we need to update content on daily basis or frequently depending upon the content topic. For example:

  • daily updated gold rates in a country
  • daily prayer timings for every region
  • list of currently available events on a page
  • a developing news story

Search engine may have already indexed the old or previous version of your page. Since updating content on a page modifies the HTML structure along with visual contents, it requires reindexing in search engine.

You might be ranking well with previous version of the contents on page, however, updating the page frequently with fresh content doesn’t mean it will always rank at the same level.

Changing content frequently on the already indexed and ranked page does not impact SEO if it falls under the following reasons: –

  • the change is useful and clear
  • the newer content is better than previous one
  • it is the latest update for the content that was expecting update
  • the topic already expects a recency update

In other words, frequently updating content with irrelevant, just keyword stuffing, duplicated content, or unclear content impacts SEO negatively.