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Digital Business Marketing

Digital marketing also referred to as internet marketing or online marketing, is a kind of marketing in which businesses promotes their services, products, or agendas via search engines (such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, & more), social media (such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, & more), direct business web assets (such as website and mobile app), and emails.

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  • Does Hiding Actual Content with Captchas Hurt SEO?

    Need to use captchas to prevent content scraping but not sure if it impacts SEO or not? Below is the expert answer.

  • Why my site webpages are not indexing properly in search results?

    Making an effort but not getting your website pages indexed properly? You might be focusing on content only while missing many other important factors to get indexed.

  • Create XML Sitemap in WordPress without Plugin

    Need a quick, simple, and ready to sitemap for Wordpress without plugin? Here you go.

  • Keyword Density in SEO

    The keyword density for SEO means how many times the targeted keyword has appeared on the page being search engine optimized. The density of the keyword helps search engines to determine the content topics. Good keyword density depends on the length of content on-page. For an article or post, 3 to 4 percent of keyword density […]

  • Authorship in SEO (2022)

    Google Plus, the social media platform owned by Google, the profile of authors was a great way to declare authorship with Google. Now in the era of Rich Snippets in search engine results, acquiring Author rank with Google is easier and real. Does SEO Authorship still matters?Yes, it does even in 2022. The only thing […]

  • Unlock new cross-device capabilities & More with Google Signals

    Google introduced Google Signals in Google Analytics to help advertisers and webmasters learn new and deeper user insights with the help of Google Data. Last year Google released Google Signals beta version and now, it is finally launched for public use under the Google Analytics platform.How Google Collects data for Google Signals By activating Google […]

  • Misleading or Clickbait Push Notification Hurts SEO

    Push notification spam is getting common. Sending fake notifications just to drive traffic can hurt your site rankings on serious grounds. Here is why.