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Create XML Sitemap in WordPress without Plugin

Published 3 Dec, 2022 Modified 3 Dec, 2022 Read in 0m 56s Viewed 2.5K times

Need a quick, simple, and ready to sitemap for Wordpress without plugin? Here you go.

Experience Based

WordPress 5+ comes with built-in sitemap functionality. With this functionality, you can create a WordPress XML sitemap without plugin or custom coding.

It is important to know that the built-in sitemaps are rather simple and straightforward. If you want to create a comprehensive sitemap, try using a plugin which gives you options. Generally, if you have a website where you want Google to index all of your pages, WordPress sitemap works perfectly.

You can always Disallow the pages to index from robots.txt.

Using WordPress wp-sitemap.xml

To leverage WordPress built-in sitemap functionality, make sure that you’re on latest or at least 5+ version of WordPress. Then you just need to access the sitemap URL by /wp-sitemap.xml in the browser. For example:

Submit this URL as sitemap URL in Google, Bing, and other search consoles.

Note: If you have other active plugins that may be generating sitemaps, please disable them to let this functionality work. For example, Yoast & Rank Math disables this built-in functionality to let their sitemaps work. So, even if you’re testing, disable them or disable sitemap functionality from those plugins.