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Stripe Alternatives in Pakistan – 2022 Update

By Aqsa Jamil Published 20 Nov, 2022 Modified 22 Nov, 2022 Viewed 1.575K times Read in 2m 14s
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List of Stripe alternatives in Pakistan to for online businesses to use digital payment gateway services such as charging customers for products and subscriptions.

Stripe is well-established and most complete digital payments gateway, however, it is not available in many countries including Pakistan. We’ve covered different local and international payment gateways as alternative to Stripe in Pakistan with details below.

Easypay (Local)

Easypay is offered by Telenor Pakistan. The sign up process is fully online and easy. Since their online system is traditional so, you might face minor technical bugs. There is no monthly or annual fee. They charge their fee on transaction basis. It supports small to large-scale businesses. Easypay doesn’t offer recurring subscription revenue model yet.

Jazzcash (Local)

Jazzcash payment gateway is offered by Jazz Pakistan. The sign up was previously via sending an email to their payment gateway department but, now it is fully online like Easypay. The sign up process is easy and support small businesses too. No monthly/annual fee. They also have transaction-based fee. Jazzcash payment gateway doesn’t offer recurring subscription revenue model yet.

UBL (Local)

UBL Payment gateway is offered by UBL Bank Pakistan. Online sign up option on website is not working, hence, you need to call online or their helpline to get started. So far, as per our knowledge, there is no annual/monthly fee with exception of transaction-based fee. UBL payment gateway for merchants doesn’t offer recurring subscription revenue model yet.

Alfalah (Local)

Recently improved, Alfalah payment gateway offers easy online (but lengthy) sign up process for small to large merchants. No monthly/annual fee. They’ve enforced transaction-based fee like EasyPay and Jazzcash. No support for recurring subscription payments.

HBL (Local)

Sign up starts by calling their helpline or sending an email. We’ve not much information about their fee model. It is not available to very small businesses.

MCB (Local)

Sign up is initiated by calling their helpline number. Someone from the relevant department sends you an email requesting your business details. In addition to transaction-based fee, they have an annual management fee (50,000+ PKR) . The system is quiet complex and typical. No support for recurring subscriptions.

SafePay (Local)

Funded by the Stripe and Ycombinator, this payment gateway was expected to be more than other available payment gateways. So far they provide the similar features i-e: accepting Visa/Mastercard only, no support for recurring subscriptions, and challenging online sign up. Don’t confuse it SafePay with Stripe since they both are different. SafePay is like EasyPay and Jazzcash while Jazzcash offers more robust solution via API.

The good thing is it can let you accept payments from eWallets such as EasyPaisa and direct bank accounts integrated via NiftPay and PayFast bank connectors. Read more about SafePay local digital payment gateway in Pakistan.

Other international payment gateway solutions or Stripe Alternatives in Pakistan

  • 2checkout (International)
  • Skrill


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