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Our Leadership

Our leadership is committed to work tirelessly to drive our readership and community confidence in our content, guides our internal strategic plans and decisions, help us build strong relationships internally and with our community, and leads our people with compassion.

Aqsa J. – Founder & Director of Digital Setups

She leads ‘Digital Setups’, its subsidiaries, and makes strategic decisions about the company. Connect with her via her personal email. She doesn’t spend much time on social media, however, she managed (by killing her lazy mind) to make a Linkedin profile when she was in university.

Though history, awards, and certifications doesn’t matter to her, we (the DS Team) are just sharing a bit about her practicing our authority 😐

  • Historically: Award-winning Software Engineer, Passionate SEO Strategist, Full-Stack Web Developer (have been Top Rated Plus on Upwork), Tutor, Digital Startup Consultant
  • Awards: COMSATS Open House Business Project Engineering Winner (2015), Upwork Top-Rated+ (2021-2022), and multiple throughout her educational career.
  • Certifications: Multiple in Web, SEO, & Business (2010 – 2022)

Okay. Whatever you read above was a bit formal. Here we go our DS team’s way.

Aqsa considers Digital Setups her friend and partner. She find inner peace working on just anything related to DS.

She sounds crazy or unbelievable most of the times. She don’t do outdoors, parties, and formal attendings. She is simple, thoughtful, philosophical, angry-bird with controlled anger, dahi bhally lover, and prefer travelling whenever she feels it’s the time.

She is born leader, not to be. 🙂 She is simple, straightforward, emotional, supportive, cooperative, and peace-driving.

Buildings, modernism, jokes, and typical offerings doesn’t attract her. She is close to nature – please don’t ask the name of flowers or trees. We said, she is close to nature – not to vocabulary related to nature.

Her Hobbies & Preferences

  • no movies often, no games, no parties, no chatting
  • short roundups in her Daali (Fortuner) everyday
  • eating Dahi Bhally as if there is no other food left in the world
  • spending time with his 5 years old Father-like nephew (Khizar Atif)

Last Updated on Nov 8, 2022