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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions about Digital Setups

What is Digital Setups?

Digital Setups, formally known as Digital Setups (SMC-Private) Limited, is the digital publisher, internet marketing company, and supporter for digital business startups. Digital Setups is owned by a woman named Aqsa J. who also runs Barely Simple (A simple one color clothing brand). digitalsetups.com mainly helps small to large-scale business owners, entrepreneurs, developers, and learners with expert-vetted knowledge. digitalsetups.org is the company website that shares company insights, whitepapers, case-studies, and allow advertisers to make use of all Digital Setups digital properties.

Do I need any subscription to access content on Digital Setups?

Not really. Digital Setups – under social contributions program – publishes high quality, authentic, and expert-vetted researched content for free to consume by readers. Digital Setups NGO program funded by Digital Setups’ own profit and partners who are receiving significant number of free services from our internet business development and marketing teams. Donate.

What is your expert-vetting or content review process?

We have set internal and external research and publication standards. Our authors, reviewers, and advertisers are bound by our content integrity policy. The content and ads on our digital properties are published only when they get 10/10 ratings (criteria is driven from standards) from quality assurance leads.

Last Updated on Nov 7, 2022